Saturday, February 23, 2008

And Onto Dear Husband

DH was sad to be passed over on the last post, but truly he deserves a post all his own. My husband, whom we shall have to think of a codename for, is many things.
He is: intelligent, handsome and proud.
He is also: Intelligent, Handsome and Proud.
If you know what I mean.
But for now we will focus on the best things about him.
He is also (in no particular order):
  • Kind, funny, obstinate, charming, and supportive.
  • He is a Filipino, born in raised in Los Banos.
  • His dad was a professor at UP in Los Banos.
  • He has a degree in physics from the Philippines and Electrical Engineering from San Jose State in California.
  • He is more religious than I am, or maybe more spiritual is a better way to put it.
  • He is persistent. We met at work and he pursued me (gently) for a few years when I gave every indication that I had no interest. Little did I know....
  • He can be romantic.
  • He has given me the most thoughtful gifts over the years, where there is an implied theme to the choices he has made.
  • He is naturally athletic and coordinated.
  • He looks very young (at 37 can pass for early 20's).
  • He can act very young.
  • He is a great dad.
  • He is playful.
He is my Love.
And I hope he likes this.


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