Friday, February 29, 2008

haiku friday - blog juice

Haiku Friday Blog research all day. Is this a hobby or a job? Blog juice tastes yummy.


Scylla said...

Juice from my blog?
I am intrigued for sure,
what is this juice stuff?

Kathryn said...

Blog juice? That is a new one!

jennifer said...

Blog juice? That sounds naughty.

Jennifer Fosberry said...

Blog juice is a new way to rank the popularity of blogs. It combines the data from several other stats programs (Alexa, Bloglines, Technorati) and assigns a number. Just like juice for the kids, the mo' the better. I think that 10.0 is the highest number. Right now my blog is as a no-juice product. I hope that will change soon.

Jenni said...

Join the U Comment, I Follow campaign and you definitely get more juice!

Jennifer Fosberry said...

Jenni, thank you and
Thanks - U comment, I follow
More Blog juice for me.


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