Thursday, February 21, 2008

Introduction to the Supporting Cast

So now that everyone knows that I am the top banana (yea right), let me introduce my supporting cast.

Anyway, on with the show:

My husband - We'll deal with him later.

Isabella, Bells, Bellie-Boo:

My oldest daughter is a girly, girl. She just turned six and has lost her first baby tooth. She loves pink, barbie, princesses and dancing. Her father is trying to push her into soccer type activities, but she is not having it. We have drawn the line at cheerleading, however I think she will have a dancers body and she likes it - so ballet and this year one additional dance class to be decided. She is a rule follower. She likes to know what is expected and then likes to monitor everyone elses behavior. Maybe she will grow up to be a teacher. Her father is pushing Doctor. For now she tells me she wants to be three things: A chemist, a model and a mom. Pretty good aspirations in my opinion, and she is balanced with mind, body and soul.

Gus, Googs, Googie:

My son is in the middle, but being the only boy will probably alleviate any middle-child syndrome. At least I hope so. He turned three this past September and I never thought that boys could be so....well boys so early. He is in love with spiderman, buzz light-year and power rangers. He talks about bad guys and shooting bad guys and so on. He runs up to things (walls, trees, tires) and kicks them for no apparent reason. He is a little more loose on the rules and not a good eater. He is terminally funny and charms all his teachers and even me. When he knows he is not in my good graces or suspects I am about to request something he doesn't want to do, he reminds me in his smallest voice, "...but I'm just a little boy."

Sera, Sars, Cha Cha:

My baby, my love is 18 months old and still thinks that she is an extra appendage of mine. She clings. She is just learning to talk, she has been able to communicate quite fine without it for some time. Still, this is when things start to get fun. She tries hard to keep up with the other two and doesn't back down from a fight. She loves nothing more than taking off all her clothes (diaper included if she can get it done) and dancing. I hope this is not a career direction.

There are other extras to meet later, but these are the main players.


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