Monday, February 25, 2008

The Slow Reveal

As I am somewhat new to blogging, I am sure that I will make many mistakes as I master this new format of communication, self-promotion and entertainment. There is one thing I now from real life, that I don't want to follow me into my virtual life.

Let's think back to dating. I think that blogging can be compared to dating. In dating you meet a new person, go someplace together and try to get them to like you (or perhaps the real definition is you see if you like each other, but let's go with the first definition because that is always how it felt to me). In blogging you try to get people to "meet you" by going someplace (your blog) and hope that they like you (i.e. subscribe to your feed, return as visitors, tell their friends how great you are, add you to their blog roll and basically keep the party going. And the more people you do this with, the better. So I think that you can see the similarities to dating.

I was never good at dating. I always wanted the new person to know everything about me (and visa versa) immediately. I wanted to click or not right away.

The similarity here is that I want to write everything right now. So that if someone starts reading they will feel like they knew me all their life, that I live next door, that I am their new best friend. But I don't think it works that way.

So like in dating, I will practice a little restraint and try to learn the slow reveal. Wish me luck.


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