Friday, February 29, 2008

Strengths of the Small

I often focus on the weaknesses of my children, however tonight, before I tootle off to bed I want to do one last post. You see Jennifer Fox wrote a book for parents about playing to kids strengths. And the good folks over at PBN are helping her promote it by asking us bloggers to think about our kid's strengths.

Jennifer breaks it down into activity strengths, relationship strengths and learning strengths. I think that all kids have some strengths in each area, but I have 3 kids, 3 types of strength and 20 minutes to finish, so one per sounds good.

Belly Boo has never-ending energy. Her favorite way to talk to you, eat her dinner, or watch tv involves hopping from one end of the couch to the other and then leaping to the armchair. And then back. She likes all the "girly" sports activities: dance, gymnastics, yoga - we are working her into horseback riding and her father still has dreams of Mia Ham-dom.

Googy is a charmer with a capital C. It is difficult to punish/stay angry with him, because boy does he know what buttons to push. His teachers all fall in love with him. He is clever and talkative and a little manipulative ("...but Mom, I'm Just a Little Boy"). This should work well for him in the world.

Chi Chi is only 18 months, so she is learning at a pace muy rapido. We are currently spending some time in Costa Rica and I think that Spanish is just sinking right in there. We are also taking some Chinese lessons and while practicing with the older kids, you hear her on the other side of the room, repeating right along. She still hasn't decided to do much talking, but she is getting everything.

That is my brood. They all have strengths. They all have weak moments. It is good to articulate and congratulate the strengths. Thanks guys, for reminding me of these things.


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