Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blog Philosphy 101

I am not entirely new to blogging. I have another blog that I have been at for almost one year. That one focuses on our life in Costa Rica, why we thought to come here, how things are going, what Costa Rica is like, and our life in general. It was started to document our thought process, to explain to friends and family what we were doing when they couldn't sit still to listen. It is meant to keep in touch with family and friends, to reassure that we are doing alright, and to highlight the similarities (and differences) between this culture and the ones we already know. If nothing else, it reminds those that love us that we are alive. It has been fun to do. I learned a little about blogging, I met some nice friends (both bloggy and IRL), but I really did very little to announce, promote, connect or make money from this blog.

But this blog is a little different. The primary purpose of this blog will be to promote my book, my business, and I guess my blog. That being said, I can't help what I am: a mommy, a sort of stay at home mommy, a sort of work at home mommy, an expat living in Costa Rica Mommy, an ex-science geek mommy, a wife to filipino mommy, and basically, you guessed it - a mommy. It pervades almost every aspect of my current life. Yes there are nice recollections of childhood, college, work/career, and singleness. Yes I enjoy television, movies, books and old music. Yes I still have a brain. But there you have it - Mommy + Blog = Mommy Blog. Can't help it. Better OWN IT. Luckily, the very people that might be most interested in my life would also hopefully be target customers someday. So that should work out nicely.

Also, from the little extra effort I have put into networking for this blog, I am beginning to understand the friendship aspect. I have started telling my husband things I read as if they were events that happened to good friends right down the street (just like Fussy says). I can see the good and the bad in this. For instance, where else can I meet a previously Amish mom and a hip photographer dad from NY. And learn a little about their stories and them without a whole lot of judgement. And be intrigued. There is a flip side to that coin. I can also see the addictive aspect (there seems to be an endless amount of social media to explore) and it is worrisome that this will start overwhelming my life. Others have quit for similar reasons. My feedburner is quite full and always seems more important than writing my own content. Not only important, but often more fun. However, the best content tucked away in a notebook (or on some desolate little corner of the blogosphere) will never find readers. You need friends.

As overwhelming as all that is, I keep bumping into the same crowd. And I want to be popular. There definitely seems to be a cool kid lunch table in this cafeteria. If you are from the Bay Area, you see many of them at Silicon Valley Moms. Then there are the award winning, highly read (and usually hysterically funny) moms. I mean everyone seems to love Dooce and the Redneck Mommy. Bossy is going on a road trip with corporate sponsoring, but more about that later. Getting in with these girls seems to equal more readers (provided you are saying something worth reading), but who does one break into these cool kid circles? That is something that I (with my three readers) have not figured out yet. I will keep working at it and let you know. Or I will snub you all once I get to sit with the cool kids.

I mentioned that Bossy is going on a trip with corporate sponsorship from Saturn. Disney did a wonderful afternoon for the Silicon Valley Moms. And there are a myriad of review and get product opportunities. There are definitely perks to being well read. And the smarter these corporations get, the more opportunities there should be. I mean, I want in on that stuff. So I will continue to work hard to get noticed.

Everything I have read suggests that CONTENT IS KING. This makes sense. If you don't educate, inform or entertain who will be interested? This can be done by words, pictures (photoblog) or video (referred to as a podcast). Or some combination of those elements. But sometimes self-doubt creeps in here. Am I really that interesting? Does the internet need another take on "how to self-publish a children's book? " Or funny takes of my children being adorable? Or my adoration for a new shower head? It seems that the answer is yes. Or at least, yes there is room. As one friend mentioned, you ask that question and you cut to the core of the internet. Endless access to information. Redundant information. Endless information. However, I think one need not look further than the success of America's Funniest Home Videos. A little kid falling off a bike can always be funny, no matter how many times we get to see it.

So I plan to keep plugging. See you around the blogosphere, and there will always be room at my lunch table. As long as you aren't eating tuna.


Redneck Mommy said...

I remember feeling the exact same way you do when I first started blogging two years ago.

I wanted to be read but who was going to read me? How would I find myself at the cool kid's table?

While I'm flattered you think I'm sitting at the cool table, let me tell ya, the likes of Dooce doesn't even know I'm alive. (And I've banged at her door more than once. She just won't answer!! LOL)

I just kept reading my feedreader and posting my posts and eventually people started reading.

I have found the main thing to sustain blogging is to enjoy it. And as long as you enjoy it and write well, then people will read it.

Because that is the greatness of the internet.

Good luck!!!

Jennifer Fosberry said...

Wow, a comment from redneck mommy! I feel honored. No really, I do. This blogoshpere is so intermingled, but I guess she heard my little call for encouragement and responded kindly. Hope I will be as nice someday when I am rich and famous. Or something.

BOSSY said...

Bossy doesn't believe in the "cool kid" thing; she didn't go to that kind of high school. Bossy is an Equal Opportunity Lurker! Just jump in!

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