Monday, March 3, 2008

Family Acceptance, or I answer to Hoy!

I recently requested to join up with the Filipina Mom's group. As an honorary member of course, I am as pasty white as they come. But I married into a Filipino family. I didn't just marry a Filipino. But then if you are in the tribe, than you know what I mean. In fact, I find the how filipino are you? tests hysterical. I just retook it and received 135 points, OFT (obvious Filipino tendencies). Since my marriage, my consumption of rice has drastically increased, I fry SPAM and hot dogs for the kids (and husband), and we close the lights. And I answer to Hoy.

What I really want to say, is how happy I am for this acceptance. At first it was quite strange to me. My husbands' family is different than my own, some for good, some not. In the beginning they may not have been pleased for him to marry a non-Filipina, but they have welcomed me. Thanks so much to Mommie for gently immersing me in the finer Filipino foods (tocino, machado, sinigang, lumpia, fried plantains, turon, bibingka and suman). My sisters-in-law, who straddle the Filipino/American ways have been great friends to me, all in different ways - W. is great to commiserate with, L. has been there before (with two older kids), and M. keeps me young. My stateside brother-in-law has always been great with the kids and helpful when an extra guy was needed.

But I didn't know just how "IN" I was until I overheard my mother-in-law one night. We were all out to dinner at a Filipino restaurant in Union City and were joined by old acquaintances of M&D - they had all taught at UP Los Banos together. And Mommie was exchanging information, detailing accomplishments, etc. when I realized that she was bragging about me!


winslow1204 said...

I think it it awesome that they have accepted you, I know that makes you feel good!

Wonders said...

That's so cool to be part of a different culture...that's a great way to bring this world together...!

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