Saturday, March 22, 2008

How To Self-Publishing a Children's Picture Book - Part One

If you are seriously considering publishing a children's book on your own, you need to become a savvy business person. If you are published by a big house, this may allow you to have that "artsy" personality and not worry about the business of making and selling children's books. Probably not. But if you are doing it yourself, you need to be in charge of everything. I am not an expert. There are wonderful forums and groups with resident experts. I belong to several and they have proven useful. I am simply a person trying it out. I have quit my high-tech job to explore my artistic side and my entrepreneurial side. I am in the middle of the process and will try to share my journey, bit by bit, through this blog (along with lots of other fascinating stuff about my narcissistic self and begrudging family).


Jenny said...'ve caught my attention! I already told you over at the Buzz about my lack of moving on doing a children's book I always wanted to do, and you've inspired me to start. Now that you are doing a tutorial, I'll be back!!!

troubled teen said...

thanks for this idea .. the publisher should also be a talented writer ..

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