Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just shut your mouth: advice to grown daughters

I have been taking a little mini-vacation. I only started this blog a month ago and I already want a weekend off? That is the perk of this job hobby job. Besides, my parents were in town. But now, back to serious business.

I want to brag a little. My parents are aware that I have been working on this book. They had never seen it. They knew a little bit about it. They had never seen it. They think I am pretty clever. They had never seen it.

Shortly after their arrival, I whip out my low-resolution-but properly sized and printed front and back copy. It had been my hopes that the proofs would arrive with them, but it will be another week. I am not sure what they were thinking, but my Dad is impressed. Okay, I am his daughter, but still. My Mom did what is typical. I think she likes it, but no gushing. She can be hard to read. Not my Dad. As typical, we talked about the book, my plans for the book, other books to come, business ideas, and more for the rest of the weekend. I am 35 years old and still love to get his approval.

Besides that, we talked about: 1)the process of producing the book 2)the cost model of the book 3)marketing plan for the book 4)book selling policies and approaches

He is trying to be helpful, he has owned a successful small business for over 30 years. He definitely provided some more insight from a retail standpoint. But the gotta-impress pops aspect kicked in and I had to show him, just how smart I am. How much I know already. Or maybe I was trying to prove that this could work, that our current life is not so crazy after all, even though it is definitely unorthodox.

Sometimes, it would be better to shut my mouth and listen.


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