Saturday, March 1, 2008

Power of the Written Word - Diaper cakes

I have been reading the mommy blogs lately. I have been amused, entertained, educated, touched, scolded, and homesick. That is the power of the written word. It has been an addictive new calling hobby. I have been working to get into the loop, to get registered, listed, and rolled. I have been reaching out and trying to make new friends, people with things in common or simply great writing on serious matters, such as breast feeding and diaper cakes. Thanks to everyone that has been so accepting and interested.

But seriously, someone mentioned diaper cakes.


winslow1204 said...

I've never heard of diaper cakes, so I am sure any information about this is great!

Jennifer Fosberry said...

Okay, when I wrote this it was late and I was thinking that diaper cakes were like urinal cakes, some deodarant thingy to go in the diaper pail. After a little research today, I found out that people actually make cakes reminiscient of diapers for baby showers and such. I think that I may be even more grossed out.

Kathryn said...

I've seen diaper cakes and they are actually a baby shower gift. You take a bunch of diapers and stack them up next to each other in a circle. You make a bunch of circles and put them on top of each other so it looks like a cake. It is just a cute and clever way to give someone a bunch of diapers for their new baby. You don't actually eat it. ;)

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