Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Beautiful Filipino Dance

I saw this and thought I would share. For my Filipino family members, you already know what this is. For those unfamiliar, this is a form of dance in the Philippines. I was first introduced to this art form in 5th grade gym class (the same place that later enforced co-ed square dancing). Except we didn't wear anything so beautiful and exotic, there were no umbrellas, the wood sticks were neon yellow plastic and it was all girls. This is far better.


Tonya said...

Hi! Sorry I am responding late to your comment. I am so happy that I won that book! It seemed like every time I was going to get back to you I got called away from the computer by someone in my house. I think that you wanted my mailing address right?

Jennifer Fosberry said...

Hi Tonya - I totally get the pull of real life. Don't worry, book is not even ready yet. I would like your mailing address. You can email it to me jenfosca at yahoo dot com.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Quirky said...

Beautiful! I've never seen anything like it! The dance really gave me goose bumps. And the costumes were stunning! It makes me want to run out and learn how to do that right away. (Except I probably would have my foot broken by giant wooden stick about 2 seconds after I started). Thanks for sharing that though.

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