Thursday, April 10, 2008

God's Chairs

Let me just start be saying, we are not an overly religious family. I think we are spiritual, but not very practicing.
Two out of three kids are baptized (Catholic) - (I know, I know).
Our kids go to a Catholic school.
Our kids LOVE and watch a lot of Veggie Tales.
Our kids ask God/Jesus/Faith/Church questions and we try to answer them.
We have visited the with family members for their Christian services (the kids are typically in age appropriate rooms with care-takers and activities).
But we have not taken them to Mass.

On Good Friday we went and saw a procession in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. You can read all about it here. After the procession started walking through the town, we went an visited the church. It is big and simple at the same time.

It made me feel grateful. And hopeful. And Happy. All the things I think it is supposed to make you feel.

Except the BIG ONE.

The kids were a little loud at first, we explained that they had to be quiet and respectful because this was God's House. I wanted to say a little prayer. I was working through an Our Father and powering through to a Hail Mary, when Googs leaned over and whispered,

"Why are God's Chairs so slippery?"

And there you have it folks! Maybe we should take them to Church.


Uncle Josh said...

You know that Googs quote has to go on my facebook page now.

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