Thursday, April 3, 2008

How to Publish a Children's Book - Copyediting, why it is important

Have the book copyedited. I hired someone to do the text, the backmatter, the lead-in on the dust jacket front flap, the about the author, about the illustrator, the acknowledgements, the dedication. It cost me about ~$150. The biggest change was to the main text. To use a Tim Gunn/Project Runway statement, I had been in the monkey house too long. I was unable to make simple changes. The main text is only ~350 words. The changes my copyediter made took the whole book to a higher level of professionalism. The changes to the backmatter and other aspects was not as dramatic, but it is nice to know I'm covered.


Jenny said...

Wow. You're so...professional. I started buying a couple of books I've seen as "recommended reading", but I have a LONG WAY TO GO. Really, though...I can't really explain why...but when I saw your blog and saw your book, it just inspired me. It really did. When I started writing my blog different people said "You should be a writer!"...but of course I didn't think anything about it. And right before I "met" you I thought "Children's books would be cool", and then there you were!!! Thank you for getting me going without even trying! Although, the pictures and story line in my head are so vastly different (read: your book is very book will be very...ummm...not smart), but the advice is priceless! Keep it coming!

Jen Fos - Top Banana said...

Thanks Jenny - my head is swimming on a daily basis trying to figure out what I am doing. I hope it is like having babies - the first one is the total unknown, but by the second you pretty much know what to expect - with a few surprises, of course, but that they are taken in stride.

I am glad I inspired you. No one ever told me I should be a writer. So you are already one step ahead of me.

Books serve several purposes - to educate, to cause emotion, and to entertain. I am aiming high at all three. commercial sucess will be my main watermark, however.

As far as your book being not smart, maybe it really is. And even if it is not, people love Walter the Farting Dog and Captain Underpants. Don't sell yourself short. Entertainment is a high value to aspire to, for anyone named Jenny (or Jen or Jennifer).

I will keep the advise coming. I learn something new everyday.


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