Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reading at St Jude's

It is official. I am a REAL author. I have now taken my book and read it live in front of a group of squirmy kids. About 150 squirmy kids. Spanish speaking squirmy kids. And they seemed to really enjoy it.

This is a horrible video. Everything happened so fast, that it is shot from our handheld camera. It is about five minutes long, only small sections of the reading, interspersed with some still shots - but it is proof.

How did this happen? First, I have received the first two books. This showed up at my house on Wednesday (you can see why I have been a little busy). These were sent as confirmation of the print run so that I could verify all was correct. There was one unexpected thing which I was a little unsure of. Bell's had a play date at one of her classmates homes (all the girls of the class AND their Moms were invited). It was lovely. So while I had seven captive Mothers of 6-year old daughter divas, I asked their opinion. My friend read aloud (instantaneous translation into Spanish) for the Moms. They really liked it. They didn't notice the issue. They didn't mind the issue when it was pointed out. They asked me to read it to the girls.

I was flustered. I was red in the face with pride and embarrassment. I was unprepared. I did an awful job of reading it to seven little girls sitting cross-legged on the floor. They like it. I learned I MUST PRACTICE before anything like this might happen again.

The Moms immediately commenced discussing when I should read it to the whole school. They considered women's day, but then they realized that next WEDNESDAY was BOOK DAY. A perfect opportunity. So Monday I trucked myself in to see the pre-school director. She loved the book and thought I should read to the whole school during the presentation for Book Day during assembly.

Not only that, they sent home a flier with details about book day. Something along the lines of "Wednesday is Book Day, kids should bring one book for book swap, there will be a presentation, by the way, Jennifer Fosberry, mother of Isabella of red squirrel class and Gustavo of blue butterfly class will be reading the book she wrote, entitled My Name is Not Isabella." Or something like that, it was all in Spanish.

So there I was, at 8:00 am, ready to read. It went well. I had practiced. I am getting better. And kids love being read to. I am not saying I don't have a good book, but they like just about anything. There was a little shuffling toward the end (Spanish speaking two-year olds were ready for the next thing), but all in all I will call it a success.

Now we just need to get those books sitting in China to the US.


Quirky said...

congratulations! Your first (and second if you count the Moms) live audiences! That's awesome!

Jenny said...

You're so great Jennifer!!!! Although...I AM waiting for more publishing tips!!!! *AHEM*
Congrats...and you continue to be my role model!

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