Saturday, April 19, 2008

truthiness in self potrait

Me first thing in the morning, as seen by my 6-year old daughter:
And a self portrait: Okay, so I may have brushed my hair and threw on some clothes. But I also:
  • put away last nights dishes
  • washed the few stray dishes
  • packed away the two older kids lunches
  • made breakfast for the kids
  • fed Sera her yogurt
  • dressed Sera
  • Woke the kids
  • Got the kids dressed for school
  • put the birds outside, changed the bird paper, water and food
  • fed the fish
  • fed the puppy
Oh, and I did something for myself, I went to the bathroom.
No shower, no food, does this count?
The sad part is, I am not sure that it gets much better.


Jenny said...

Hey Jen! Ok...I wake up in the morning...not looking as lovely as you...and...pour myself a cup of coffee. That's it. So you deserve a trophy for doing all of the things you do...really! Love the "cool you" in the last're gorgeous!

Jen Fos - Top Banana said...

Jenny - First off, I believe you NOT. You are blond to begin with and you know what that means. Right? Second - you are quite lovelicious yourself (I am in a making up words kinda day). And secondly, I must confess that I do all those things really fast so that after I drop the kids at school I can RELAX when I get home. Yup, just sit around and eat bon-bons and watch the View.


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