Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Hound Dog (crosspost)

We caved (or I finally got Ibarra to cave) and got a dog. This is Willa who was named by Bells after a fairy in some Barbie movie. I think it is fitting, as in Willa Dog Last at our house? Time will tell.

For now, she is sweet. We got her in Atenas at an adoption fair but on by a local organization. She was living at a home with her mother/father and a brother. A couple of other pups supposedly had already been hit by cars. She is about 3 months old. She is supposedly part border collie, part bloodhound. Not sure if I see that, but she definitely has some hound. When we got her, fleas, ticks and worms, oh my. But that has been taken care of. And she hasn't been in the house. She lives out on our nice covered porch (where we spend a lot of time) and has run of the nice sized yard. We'll see how that changes in time.

Here is one of Snoopy's Willa's favorite spots to hang out:

Tell me there isn't hound in her.


Jenny said...

Hey Jennifer! I'm going against blog rules and leaving you a comment on your blog about MY post on MY blog. Aren't I awful? Anyway, I wanted to thank you so much for the thoughtful comment. I needed to hear what you said, and you were right on the money! It's good to have another friend to get helpful advice on thank you.
I am in the middle of making dinner right now, but I saw I have some posts here to catch up I'll be back!!!

Quirky said...

Willa is beautiful! I love her coloring. A dog that beautiful will be inside the house and sleeping in your bed in no time. Trust me. They can worm their way into anyone's room.

Jennifer Fosberry said...

Jenny - no worries. It was a good conversation. I gave you some link love on a similiar topic on my other blog ( Please come back

Quirky - I know. I so want to let her in the house. BUT. The baby (20 months) is still very nervous and scared around her. I can't let her live in a place where she is fearful. So until we have a truce between a playful puppy and a frightened child, Willa stays outside. She doesn't seem to mind.

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