Tuesday, May 20, 2008

5 X 5 Meme

So I finally got tagged for a MeMe (you say meem I say Me - Me - I do have a toddler after all). I am pretty excited, thanks Jenny. So here we go:

5 Things in my bag:

1. A diaper - boy that sounds like a Mom, however it is actually smashed up for being in there forever and probably the wrong size so it is probably useless. Except in a Diaper Emergency.
2. Wallet with very little in it - only one bank card, one credit card, shopping card and my Costa Rican license. I mean if it gets stolen, why have to replace my California library card? And very little money.
3. Discarded McDonald's happy meal toy that was loved for all of 2 minutes.
4. My Book. Of course. It is like my new baby. No photos of the kids (who needs them, they are with me ALL the time) but I definitely have the book.
5. A Gus the Mouse (from Cinderella) hat that was from last season's School Christmas Show. Gus played, you guessed it, Gus the mouse. Due to technical difficulties, the photos were lost. But he was really cute in it. I am not as cute, but you can see my in the role below. Kinda scary that it fits my head.

Why is it in my purse? I had to rescue it from Willa the Wonderdog who managed to sneak inside, grab it from the floor and escape as I was getting the kids out the door to school.

5 Favorite Things in my Room:

1. ME - when I get a nap.
2. My bed.
3. My favorite pillow.
4. My other favorite pillow (don't mess with me man, I move small sleeping children to ensure I get these two pillows).
5. My cardboard nightstand - no wait I hate that. Okay, I like it because it represents that we aren't sure where we will live for the long haul. Okay I hate that too. But I am enjoying Costa Rica, so I will live with it.

5 Things I Have Always Wanted to Do:

1. Travel to Europe with my husband.
2. Keep control of my kids on a nice family outing, having a lovely, clean, educational, morally invigorating, family centric day few hours with no whining, fighting, throwing up, spilling, or other issues to make me leave my zen-like state of mind.
3. Learn to cut like a real chef.
4. Be able to speak Polish with my Grandmother.
5. Actually have a beautiful family photo. Not just of my immediate family, but everybody. In semi-matching clothes. Okay, a theme, nothing to fancy, I am talking about something like blue jeans and white shirts.

5 Things I Am Currently Into:

1. Eating healthier. I've added a probiotic yogurt a day, oatmeal, granola, salads. And I think I gained weight.
2. Reading - ALWAYS
3. My upcoming trip to California - I am so excited.
4. Photography
5. Learning all I can about building a better blog.

5 People I Want to Tag:

1. Kathryn - when she's back from vacation.
2. Smiling Mom - who is recently re-gorgeousified.
3. Jennifer - because I heart her. Blog.
4. Beth - as one Trekkie to another.
5. Quirky - because we gotta get our Quirk on.

This last one was the hardest part. I need more friends! That means more computer time, which is a bit unlikely. Ah, well. What can you do?

So that's it. How'd I do?


jennifer said...

I know I've done this one before...I should find the link! Thanks for the tag!

andrea said...

Hey !! where am I in this list?...jejejeje

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Just put mine up:

Quirky said...

Thanks for the tag. I'll have to think about this one for a few days. Some of these answers are harder than they look!

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