Thursday, May 8, 2008

Amy's Etsy Store - Geeky Jewelry for Everyone

I may have mentioned that I am was am a science geek. I really can't help it, that Physics degree I suckered them into giving me, ten years in Silicon Valley, programmer husband. But I want you to know I do have some cool friends.

One example is my good friend Amy, I met her in grad school in New York. I was studying that geek stuff and she was this really cool, together, skinny, cute, Kansas girl (did I mention skinny), that was studying OPERA. I mean how cool is that?

Anyway, when I found myself moving to San Jose, who should be homesteading it in San Francisco (see, I told you she was cool). Fast forward bklgyb years and now she is a mom of two, married to a great guy, living in Marin and using her creativity in a totally geeky way (maybe I rubbed off on her?). She makes and sells jewelry. The stuff she makes is beautiful, she uses sterling silver to make it more high end, and it shows. But you gotta go look at her Etsy jewelry site to see the geeky twist. But here is the hint, her site is:

Tell her I sent you.

All three of you.


Quirky said...

Ohhhh, it's beautiful! If this is geeky, then I'm a geek too. I love the Zener diode necklace! I just bought our yearly vacation so I'm poor right now, but when I have money again, I'm so there!

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