Thursday, May 22, 2008

Any Isabellas out there?

The US Social Security Office has just published the baby names for 2007. Apparently they release this information on Mother's Day. Ah. Isabella is a top baby name again for 2007. This was not our intention when we named our daughter in early 2002. This was not my intention when writing the book. But it should work to my advantage. As the #2 name, 18,874 little girls got this name in 2007. That sounds like so many, but in actuality is less than 1% of the births. Looking back since 2000, by my math this means that there are 112,881 Isabellas under 8 years of age running around (or waiting to be old enough to run around.) Some of them have got to like this book.


Kathryn said...

If I were a little kid I would LOVE to have a book with my name on it. That has to work in your favor!

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