Monday, May 26, 2008

Dollars are not Circles

I have recently seen a fantastic commercial. Let me describe.

A woman is standing in line behind an older man at an ATM. The shot is close on her shoulders and face. She is talking while looking at money.

"Coins. Coins are circles. I have two coins." She clinks the coins together.

"What else do I have? Dollars." She takes two dollar bills from her purse and clinks them together. "Dollars are not circles. Dollars are rectangles. I have two Dollars."

About this time, the man at the ATM gives her a funny look. She is starting to look like she is high on drugs or an escaped mental patient. She smiles at him, he goes back to the ATM.

"What can I buy with two dollars?"

At this point the camera widens and we see a little girl who answers her question. I don't remember the answer, cookies maybe. But it suddenly becomes clear that she is entertaining and educating her daughter while participating in daily life. And that is what the commercial is about. Talking with your kids, teaching your kids.

I LOVE this commercial.


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