Friday, May 9, 2008

Haiku Friday - High School Musical

Haiku Friday

This cotton candy
I have seen both one and two
High School Musical

Music sticky sweet
And irritating at first
Take over house, car

My six year old girl
Overnight has changed herself
Has become a teen

Story somewhat light
Cool girl - smart and scientist
Not bad role model

At least they just kiss
Pretty innocent intro
To that social stuff

And the dancing rocks
Even Gussy Boy rocks out
To the boy sports songs

They really love it
So I will watch again and
Again and again.

So I must confess
My favorite is Ryan
Sharpee's sidekick bro

Somebody please tell
I know they're filming it now -
When does three come out?


Jules said...

Don't kids grow up so fast? Happy HF.

Anonymous said...

my son mentioned number 3 was coming out, but he didn't say when. i haven't seen one or two. i'm hopelessly out of it.

jennifer said...

The boys in those movies, while jailbait, certainly are cuties!

Mariposa said...

Wow, you seem so comfortable with your Haiku! Happy Friday!

Toni said...

As I recall, HSM 3 is out in THEATERS in November- around Thanksgiving time. My eight year old is dying to see it already.

Jenni said...

We've managed to avoid the movies so far. But I'm sure the days of excess "likes" and begging for make-up are just around the corner!

Happy Mother's Day...

Anonymous said...

Wow. A 6yo is that into it? I thought it was for the 10ish crowd? I'm wishing I could watch something with real dialogue. We're stuck watching Madagascar umteen times in a row.

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