Friday, May 30, 2008

Haiku Friday - Where are the books?

So tired on this trip
I came a week too early
There's so much to do

Books are still at sea
Supposed to land on Sunday
How long in customs?

Book Expo LA
Is where the booksellers are
Happens this weekend

So I have no books
No booksellers to go visit
I could wait at home!

I know that it will pick up, but I want those puppies in my hands. I want to get past my fears and get in the book stores to smooze em. And I am scheduled into a kindergarten class (165 kids I am told) for a week from Tuesday. Flyers are going out for if you want to buy: please cross your fingers that I will have the books!

I guess this is what they call Just-In-Time.....


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