Sunday, May 18, 2008

History Repeats Itself

A while ago, Bella broke her elbow. She is six. You can read what crazy antics caused this injury. Let me remind you this happened on my birthday.

When I was 8 I broke both bones in my forearm. I was trying to rollerskate down a little dirt hill. With a log at the bottom. That I thought I could jump. That it turned out I couldn't. Let me inform you that I did this on my parents' anniversary.

While it is true that Bella is back to being the two-armed monkey that we all know and love, I just found this old photo to share.

It just proves what my brother said, "She is her mother's daughter." The littlest brother, not the one rocking out the Yoda tee-shirt. Ah, the 70's....


Jenny said...

Holy crap!!! That's WEIRD. Really. Love the Yoda shirt.

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