Saturday, May 10, 2008

How to publish a children's book - writing

I read a lot of blogs. I read blogs about how to get more readers to your blog. I read blogs about how to optimize for search engines. I read blogs about how to cozy up to the blogosphere. I read blogs about how to write a good blog. What I need to spend more time doing is writing. Writing my blog is good writing practice. Writing stories to hone my craft (boy does that sound pretentious) is even more important.

But in my defense, much of what I keep reading about blog content is true about writing stories. I keep reading about the importance of content. Good content. Frequent content. Well researched content. I believe this is all true.

I also believe that the best stories sometimes come in a flash of inspiration. When this happens, get it down on paper. Some of my best idea times are when driving in the car (not optimal for pen and paper, but I have an mp3 player that could record me) and right as I am laying in bed awaiting sweet dreams. I have lost several good ideas because I did not have easy access to pen and paper and was too lazy to get out of bed to get it. My excuse is that small children will steal the pen from the top of my cardboard box night table and draw on the walls. And while that might go with the cardboard boxes nightstands decor, I don't want to clean it. I mean, I can't even find the Magic Eraser here. It is a good excuse, but I pay the price. I have lost some good turn of phrases (turns of phrase?)

So the message today is Write Write Write.....


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