Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Am Fatty McBeachy

Below is a photo of us on vacation at Manuel Antonio Park in Costa Rica. Lovely trip. Everyone had to get out of the water because a tiny shark was in the bay. We were all quite interested. Everyone except Gus, who had his own ideas. He had no interest in the shark in the water. Or the cute girls. Bars says he was taking a picture of Happy Gus. Likely story.

So I thought about this mathematically.
Backside of Cute Girl + Backside of Cute Girl + Backside of Cute Girl
Backside of middle-aged fat mamma of three

Or symbolically:
3 X BS(cute girl) = ME!

I am getting smaller, but I still need to keep working. Still, I don't think anyone should have to see themselves from this angle.....


Audrey said...


I'm Audrey. I found your blog through the mommyfest site. Even though the blog party is long over, I'm still loving reading blogs and meeting others.

I so relate. I don't like looking at photos of me. I've actually lost 30 pounds now and love it, but I still have a bit more to lose. I'd love to enjoy seeing photos of myself :)

Jenny said...

Oh Jen. Jen, Jen, Jen. Would it help if I gave you this equation?
You + Me = 4 of those girls.
I was down 19 lbs. PRIOR TO THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND. (read: I'm down 14lbs now that the weekend is over.)
We can do it!

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