Thursday, May 29, 2008

Introduction to the Illustrator

So I have mentioned "the book" several times now. And I bet you are wondering. Well, first let me just tell you that it is fabulous. And my children are also the cutest in the world. So you should take those statements with the grain of salt they deserve as they are coming from the creator.
But what I can tell you for sure is that my illustrator has been fantastic. I found him on an online portfolio site and we did all the work via email. I have not even spoken to the man One Time. Okay, Just One Time. I have heard his voice, because I listened in to an on-line interview he did for his last book. He has been professional, artistic, and reasonable to all my requests. And he ain't bad looking either.
His name is Mike Litwin and if you want to see more about him, go to his own website here, and you may be able to get more of a sneak preview of "the book."


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