Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Monkey Barrel Press Style

I understand that it today is Mother's Day. In the United States. However, here in Costa Rica it is celebrated (and boy is Dia de las Madres celebrated here) in August. So my attempts to convince dear husband that I should get two this year fell on deaf ears.

That being said, I want to send out a little Mama Love. I will share the part of the book that is sure to melt the heart of even the meanest Mama:

Happy Mother's Day from Monkey Barrel Press.


Jenny said...

Oops...I gave you a premature Happy Mommy's Day in the previous post! Well..I think you should have 2 days. Definitely!
Cute section of the of Emily's Mother's Day crafts said, "My Mom is sweet as sugar." :)

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