Sunday, May 11, 2008

Operation Fix My Face

I have a new project. I am finally taking care of an issue that has been bothering me for a long time. My face.

For a while now the area around my cheeks and across my nose has been getting redder, bumpier and the pores are now gianormous. Here I'll show you the difference.

Here is me in high school with beautiful skin:

Here is me now:

Sorry, can't change that Foz Schnoz. I went to a dermatologist and he confirmed that I have Rosacea. Just as I had thought. This gets worse when I exercise, am out in the sun/heat, or eat really spicy food. In fact, it is not that bad in this initial photo. I plan to take a photo a day as I go through the treatment to repair the skin to see if I can see the change.

But here is what the doctor said - treatment will be two cycles of skin rejuvenation, which amounts to 90 days. I have a cream for morning and night, at night I use Retin A, and a sunblock at SPF 100. Also he had me take some medicine to reduce the naturally occurring bacteria on my skin. But here is the funny part. While doing this regime, he would like for me to have the following:

  • two salads per day
  • two fruits per day
  • twelve glasses of water per day

I almost fell of my chair laughing. Twelve glasses? He said "I want you to go to the bathroom every 90 minutes." I have news for you buster, I have had three kids, I need to do that when I only drink two glasses of water a day. So basically to fix my skin, I must also fix everything else. I will give it a try in the name of clear skin and potential weight loss. Stay tuned for a more gorgeous me.


Carol said...

I know how annoying skin troubles can be but I gotta tell ya... when I see that picture of you all I can see is a beautiful mom. And I'll place bets your kids would agree with me!

Happy Mother's Day!

Jenny said...

You're so lovely, Jen! I have skin issues, too, but I would take your dark eyes and smaller nose ANYDAY!!! Keep us updated...I don't have rosacea, but I do have large pores and break outs.
Happy Mommy's Day!!!

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

I have rosacea as well but never thought about actually doing anything about it. The only "side effect" that bothers me is that rosacea sufferers often also have dry eyes according to my ophthalmologist.

I very rarely wear any make-up - my skin is too sensitive for most of it - and I still wash my face with Ivory but have started using one of the Olay face products with sunscreen.

My rosacea has never bothered me much but I am interested in your progress and could institute your new regiment as much as possible on my own.

Here's to praying for your (and your medicine's) success!

Doctors in India said...

Thanks for knowing exactly when to tell me what I want to hear, when I want to hear it the most.

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