Monday, May 12, 2008

Party like it's 1999 (just to date myself)

Call the babysitter, I'm going out partying again. Not the kind of party where Animal chants "PARTY PARTY PARTY" in the corner. Not a high falutin' tea party that I would actually have to dress nice for. In fact, I don't even need the babysitter or clean clothes because this party is straight from the computer. There is a great blog party going on called Mommyfest. You can come too. Just click below to go see all about it.

So what about me, well just like any good Green Mama (okay, I am not that green but would like to work towards it), I am going to recycle, reuse and reinvent my last introduction and blog description. There are only slight changes, so please forgive me those of you who are already blog buddies.

This place is my take on the current highlights of my life and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Family life
I have a Filipino husband. Born and raised. So occasionally we are not on the same page, but show me a husband and wife who are always in sync and I will know you slipped me some pretty good drugs. I also have three beautiful, intelligent, amusing, charming, wild children (where were those good drugs?)

Living in Costa Rica
Besides that full life, we are transplants from California who are trying out Costa Rica for a little while. That has been interesting. It slips into this blog, but for more detail you can check out my other blog Costa Rica Crazy.

Starting a business, writing a children's book, self-publishing
In the midst of all that, I thought, "hey, what a great time to try and start a business?" So I had this children's book I had been working on for a couple of years and viola. It should will be out in September. So here I also talk about those processes: writing, self-publishing and entrepreneurship. At least I will talk about them as I learn them.

Blogging Stuff
As if that weren't enough, I have decided that I simply must join the blog-world. Hopefully I will get some good advice from folks who have been there/done that. And if not, some new friends to commiserate with. Over time, I hope this blog to be amusing and informative.

But enough about me, tell me about you. I am sure I won't be able to hit all the parties in the area. So, if you stop here and think we could be BFF's, leave a comment and if I don't find you through the party, I will stop by later. I would love to exchange blogrolls with similar type bloggers. Especially the clever, witty, funny ones that make me look boring. That's you, right?

If you are interested in the book, there is a link to the right, just click on the cover to find out more. It has consumed my life for the past year or so. Kind of like my fourth baby. (Wait, forgot to count hubby - make that fifth baby). My understanding is that this has been the easy part. But I know when you force baby pictures on people not interested, it can be so distasteful. So, I didn't want to bore you with the details of that, so that's over there. Right there at the top. See it? The thumbnail with the head of a little girl with some floating hats. And it says the title, "My Name is Not Isabella." Bet you can't guess what it's about. You'll just have to click to see.

See you around the blogosphere and thanks for stopping by......


Frances said...

Stopping by from mommyfest to say hello! It's nice to meet you. :)

Jenny Live & in Color said...

Hi! Nice to meet you! Your life sure does sound crazy ;)
I wrote a children's book, too. I tried to get it published, but it was too much trouble. I'm interested in how you're self-publishing process went, so I will be back.

Deneal said...

Oh your blog has definitely caught my interest! I'm going to be back often to visit.

Marina Princess said...

Nice to be blogging with you. Come on over and enter our giveaway at

Wendy said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by!Very interesting blog.
My husband and I have talked quite a bit about moving to another country. Maybe in a couple of years.
I have also thought about writing a children's book (just haven't given it the follow-through you have). I'll be back to check out more.

BDGoddess said...

Wow, Costa Rica - how glamorous! Enjoyed reading your blog - thanks for stopping by mine.

If ya like Spenser, I think you'll like the 84th Precinct series by Ed McBain.

nice meeting you!!

Crystal said...

Congrats on the upcoming new book - how exciting! I hope you're having a blast at Mommy Fest:) We're having an awesome scavenger hunt on our blog, check it out!

Little Ladybug Designs said...

Hi I am stopping by from the Mommyfest. It's nice to meet you. How cool for you to live Costa Rica! Don't forget to stop by my blog and enter my giveaway. Happy Blog Partying! :-)

Jenny said...

Wonderful blog you have here. I'm just stopping in from Mommyfest. I'm Jenny. Nice to meet you. :) I reside over at The So Called Me. I hope to see you over there sometime. I'd love to have you.

Happy Partying! <3

Stephanie @ Figments said...

Hi there! Just stopping through for the party. I'll definitely be back to read more. Stop by my party when you get a chance.

Karrine said...

I am always excited to meet other moms making it in a different country I will be scoping out your other blog!

List Mama said...

That is why it is great to meet new people - I thought I had a busy and exotic life (3 kids, business, lots of moving around) and then I meet someone who blows me away! Very nice to meet you!


Angie said...

Still making my way through the blogs at the Mommy Fest blog party. Nice to meet you.

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