Monday, May 19, 2008

Wil Wheaton is just like me

I have mentioned my geekdomness in past posts. But I will now show the extent of that geekiness. I heart Star Trek, the movies, the television shows (okay, never really got into Deep Space Nine). Not only that, I spent some key college time holed up watching Star Trek. One homecoming weekend when we were a little too young to get into the bars with our cool older friends, my roommate and I spent an entire day watching an old school marathon. Ordering in pizza, taking turns to shower and tell each other what was happening (even though we had seen it all before). And I played Star Trek drinking games. Please don't laugh. Okay laugh.

So I thought that it was really cool to see this tidbit pop up on the blogoshpere over at Lifehacker. Wil Wheaton is a self-published author. How cool is this? Wil Wheaton all grown up = cool. Wil Wheaton is an author = cool. Wil Wheaton went the self-publishing route = cool.

Just thought I would share it with all you other trekkie, wanna-be authors out there. If Wil the whiner (okay, I know that was just his character) can do it, so can we!


Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Too cool! And, I'm a lapsed, closeted Trekkie too! LOL

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