Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I am really a writer?

This weekend I was visiting friends and of course I was showing off my new baby book. I wound up speaking with a 13 year old nephew. A boy I haven't seen since he was about 4! It made me feel old. It also impressed me. He is growing up to be an articulate, intelligent, and kind person. Bravo.

But now to the point. He asked me a question. A question that took me back a little at first. A question I had to think about how to answer. A question that made me think about the question itself. A question that I had better figure out how to answer.

It started like this:
"As a writer......"

As a writer? Am I really a writer. Why yes I am. And I better learn to own that.

The question went on to as such:
"As a writer, what do you think is the most important part of writing for kids?"

I blathered on about the kids as heroes thing. I mean I spoke clearly on the topic of writing for children.

So already this blog has paid off. I may only have three readers. I may not be able to even get my family to follow along. BUT I can answer a question on the spot. About what I do. About being a writer. About me.


Meghna said...

Yes, I agree with your nephew on the part that you are a wonderful writer and as such he was writing in asking your opinion on the important aspects of writing for children. And you have already explained in detail about the details of writing & publishing for kids. Thank you for sharing!

Kathryn said...

Oh, you're a writer alright! :)

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