Thursday, July 10, 2008

Writing exercise - description of kid in the airport

This is something I wrote while waiting for my plane. A description of the time and place from an observer. I think it makes a story. I just wanted to share.

I love people watching. Lucky for me, sitting in the airport for 3 hours is a good opportunity. I can see agitated ladies, chilled out hippy travelers, and retirees. Mostly American vacationers heading back to the US. A guitar player has set up with a chair, an amplifier, a copy of his cd and his hat out. The sound of his acoustic guitar echo on the airport terminal. A little Motzart (ah….Motzart) a little Led Zeplin and a lot in-between.

What has been most interesting is watching a group of American teens. Probably about thirteen. Made up of about half black students and half white students. They didn’t mingle. And the white kids looked more dorky, like they were trying harder. There was one boy in particular that made me think. I remember him from my school days. He is a little sloppy and he has a big pimply nose. He doesn’t walk cool, he lopes. He probably actually reads and he likes sci-fi or fantasy books. He sits a little separate from the rest of the white kids. He seems to have manners. He is probably not the most popular kid of the bunch. This boy watched the guitar player for a while and then stood and finally made his way over. He pulled his wallet from his jeans and left a dollar. He loped back to the rest of the group and sat. He seemed satisfied with himself, for thinking of giving the guy a buck, for being grown-up enough to do it, and that it was done. I believe he will grow up to be a good man. I wish I had given him more respect when I was in high school.


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