Monday, September 1, 2008

Foreword Magazine Love - Part One

Earlier I talked about getting book reviews for self-published books. I talked about getting pre-publication reviews. I talked about where I sent "My Name is Not Isabella."

I am happy to brag that I will be getting a review in the September/October issue of Foreword Magazine. This publication is especially for reviewing books by independent publishers (so I am not up against the big publishing houses). They target booksellers and librarians and the like. On their Web site they state a circulation of 26,000. (WOW!)

"ForeWord receives more than 1,400 galleys/books, audios, PODs, and eBooks during every publishing period and can only select approximately 5% for review. Of the titles reviewed, 75-80% are nonfiction. Selection factors for nonfiction include current interest, editorial calendar, distinctiveness, preparation, and credibility. Fiction and mystery consideration is given to well-written books with interesting plots, settings, and characters. Other considerations for review include layout, audience, competition, and review space."
-ForeWord Magazine Submissions

Now reading these statistics, it seems like my book had a less than 1% chance of being selected for a review. I am feeling pretty big for my britches right now. Hope it translates to some sales!


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