Monday, September 22, 2008

Lookybook Link

I can't remember how I heard about this website, but it is very interesting.

Lookybook has complete access to many picture books. It is like the Look Inside feature of Amazon, however you can see the entire book. I believe that the publisher has to provide permission and artwork.

From the standpoint of a mom who likes to read to her kids, it is a great idea. It is like an on-line borrowing library. However, it is not easy to perch three little ones around the computer with me without some fighting about who is sitting where, seeing what. But to have acess to all these books is a very cool idea.

From the standpoint of a publisher, it leads to an interesting question. If you give away all the content, will people still buy the book?

From the standpoint of a small self-publisher it is even more tricky. I don't have a huge marketing budget. I don't have connections to the Hollywood elite. I am working hard to get my book seen, heard, looked at, talked about, written about - known. Won't this do the same thing? And if people really like it, won't they buy it as per what I said above as a Mom User? It seems like a great idea.


Anonymous said...

Hello and congratulations. Your book looks great! You seem like you have worked very hard. I am also trying to publish my book and I have started a small company but I am having a very hard time finding the right printing company, any suggestions? Thanks.


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