Tuesday, October 14, 2008

5 Minutes for Isabella

There is a great, popular site run by twin Canadian Moms. I have participated in their blog parties. I have eyed their contests and giveaways with desire (hard to do it from Costa Rica) and awe at their web presence. I speak of 5 minutes for mom of course. Something that every Mom dreams of. 5 Minutes.

Any hoo.... they recently launched several offshoots. They call them the Sisters. There are 5minutes for special needs, going green, parenting and BOOKS.

I asked them if they might be interested in reviewing my book. After sending them a copy, no strings attached, of course, I was so happy to see the review they wrote. Lauren has gotten to the essence of the idea.

"...Isabella spends the day pretending to be great women from the past. The author does an excellent job of integrating the roles of these women into Isabella's every day life, and the illustrations are delightfully engaging."

Read more on how she connected with "My Name is Not Isabella.".


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