Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - I may not be tall enough, but dang it I can shoot

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How Pathetic - the whirlwind excuse

Has it really been OVER two months since I posted a single thought, photo or link? Yes it has. How pathetic. I have read that you shouldn't blog unless you can commit to posting something every x times. Maybe once per day or once per week. Somehow I don't think bimonthly would cut it. And I feel terrible as I look at a long list of mostly finished posts that I planned to drop bomb in so that I wasn't completely absent. You know what they say about the best intentions....

I would vow that I will do better, but that would be an empty promise. I will try to do better is the best that I can say right now. You will see why.

We have left Costa Rica. After a whirl wind Nov/Dec of information gathering, ticket buying, scheduling, packing, school end activities and other normal daily activities - the kids and I left for NY. I flew with my three children (to remind you ages 2, 4 and 6) and about a gazillion pieces of luggage to New Jersey, rented a car and drove to upstate New York. It was crazy, but it got done. We hid out in NY under a new blanket of snow (which the kids loved - but it took out my parent's Internet) for a few weeks. Then we made our way to the Boston area (thanks Mom and Dad for dropping us off - we understand why you bolted once the luggage was out of the car) for a few days with cousins.

Cousins are wonderful and my kids were thrilled to hang out with similarly aged cousins. The first night, Bells asked if she and C. were cousins. Upon my yes, they both starting celebrating - yeas, joy jumping and high fives abounded. Because now they Have to be friends. Right? Meanwhile Gus really dug his older cousin T. And proceeded to rob inherit all his outgrown super hero costumes, toys and clothes. They are still his favorite now. So after a few fun-filled days in Boston, we proceeded to Logan (in a snow storm) and took off for Sunny California (freezing).

California has been busy, trying to get ourselves organized and living situations set up. Lucky we have such nice, helpful, accommodating family to assist. Hope they are the same nice, helpful, accommodating family when we are through. I am doing my best to be on my bestest, nicest, sweetest behavior. You know, like my normal behavior.

While we were having all this fun, my husband stayed in Costa Rica to sell the car and finish some other obligations. He lived with our dog in the house devoid of furniture, with a blow up bed, a cardboard chair he crafted himself and a microwave. He managed to be on the seventh floor of one of a few tall buildings during the recent Costa Rican earthquake. He gets all the fun. This past Sunday, he dismantled his cardboard chair, deflated the air mattress, packed his few thing and flew to San Francisco, dog included.

We are all together again, living on the kindness of our family, searching for jobs, trying to provide some stability/normalcy for our kids, and sorting through one and a half years of junk mail. I will be back when the junk mail is gone.

Could be a while.

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