Monday, March 16, 2009

Dora the Tween Explorer - Tarty or Timely?

When I first heard the news that Nick/Mattel was going to "grow up" Dora to a tween, I thought interesting strategy. I thought perhaps they were going for the Bratz market, although I hoped that they wouldn't turn her into a tart. Apparently, many mothers were worried about the same thing. With the initial silhouette released in the news, who could blame them. She does look a little "tarty." I think Nick/Mattel planned to keep a lid on the redesign, other than the "tease silhouette." After some concerns from Moms, they released what she really looks like and I am now a little hopeful.

My oldest daughter (age 7)has outgrown Dora and informs me "that is for babies." My middle boy (age 4) is only interested in Diego. And my youngest daughter (age 2.5) is still in love with the original. I like her watching the original. I want her to continue to watch the original. I also like the idea of a sort of older version to appeal to my oldest and continue some of the value in the original. I hope it will continue to progress her understanding of the Latin culture (and other cultures) and the Spanish language. Perhaps map reading skills and problem solving logic could be done at a higher level. Hopefully, this will be done without injecting the attitude that sometimes comes with the tween shows. I have high hopes for this transition. I have high hopes that there is a way to continue the older (younger?) Dora as well without confusing my two year old. Can Nick/Mattel pull this all off? Time will tell.


Robyn - Who's the Boss? said...

If Mattel can keep the new Dora from looking like a Bratz doll, then I'm in. But if this is tween Dora, what's teen Dora gonna look like? How's older Dora gonna hike in the jungle with ballet flats? lol

I'm fine with characters growing up, but I'm still not sure that older girls are going to buy it anyways.

Full Time Mom said...

Wow! This is big news! My daughter adores Dora, but I doubt it if she will also get accustomed to a tween Dora. I hope they won't mess up with her character. My daughter would truly be heartbroken. LOL

Stacey said...

I think they should leave Dora alone! She is loved by many chiuldren around the world....If it's not broken, don't fix it!

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