Monday, May 25, 2009

Sad, Pitiful, Exciting, Wonderful....Phew!

Sad and pathetic and pitiful that I have not blogged since MARCH!

Exciting that I am leaving in a few short hours for a red-eye flight on JetBlue to NYC for a very full week plus of book activities!

First I will be attending IBPA Publishing University. I will sit in many informative classes, meet many people in this industry, and question, question, question. One topic I am particularly interested in is the new book requirements for child safety regulations.

Then I will attend Book Expo, which just looks like a whole lot of WOW! More info, parties, free books. I am so excited, from a reader/fan standpoint as well.

And did I mention that this all happens in NYC? The city that never sleeps? Well hopefully I will get some sleep because it is going to be busy!

Then I am off to upstate to bug my parents, visit bookstores, and entertain elementary school children. Probably the last is the scariest.

Wish me bon voyage and good luck!

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