Sunday, June 28, 2009

Creativity, Copyright and Computers - Oh My!

Since we have been talking about social media - I thought I would share these genius talk by Lawrence Lessing on TED "How Creativity is Being Strangled by the Law."

First let me say I LOVE TED. It makes me feel smart. It makes me feel smart and cool, unlike NPR - which I am sure will make me feel smart, but I am just not that old. Yet.

This talk is about how technology is changing the way we entertain and amuse ourselves and hence the way we create and interact. He goes on to really get into the legal aspect of this which is made darn interesting by his dynamic speaking (and to me intriguing sociological implications of his topic). I actually found this last October and have been thinking on it and not sharing it. That is BAD Social Media-ist of me.

I think of this talk as a consumer and as a copyright holder. I think we all want to be read-writers. Not just readers. So I think that ultimately we must share.

I think.

What do you think?


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