Friday, June 12, 2009

What has happened - what will happen now

It has been a busy few months. We have moved back to the US. Lived with relatives. Fought and got Bella into first grade. Found our own place. Got our stuff back from Costa Rica. Cleaned a lot of mold. Squeezed ourselves into a 900 square foot apartment. Worked with Bella to catch up and do a whole year of first grade in four and a half months. Barry got a job. Barry got a different job. Barry took classes. And I didn't do much on the book.

Then I took a trip to New York. Went to IBPA Publishing University. Went to Book Expo. Went to visit my parents and did school visits. Came home and did a school visit here. Head is full of lots of great ideas. Time now to work and put them into action. I'm so excited to work on things.

Oh, and school is over so now I have three kids at home. Should make all that work easy, right?


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