Friday, August 14, 2009

Jennifer Fosberry at Red Fox Books Today at 3pm

After a relaxing week of Adirondack vacationing with the kids and my family. My much extended family. I must actually work a little today. I am speaking at Red Fox Books at 3 pm. I will read and talk about My Name is Not Isabella Join us if you can!


Lubna said...

Was about to say: Good luck, when I noticed the event was over. Hope it went well.
I have been browsing blogs relating to children's books since the past few days. Am understandably nervous, as I soon begin to volunteer at a tiny school in the slum area of Bangalore, South India. Story telling is a new concept for the school and for the kids. A book collection drive has so far gone well. I am so glad that authors like you, write books, and bring joy to children.

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